Crystal Clear Vision

Crystal Clear Vision was founded in 2016.

Our business model from the start has been “Premium service and premium products at non-premium prices”. This is a private Optometry practice which will never be dictated to use any company policies so that we are sure that the consumer will always benefit.

“I have a style of giving my patients the best possible service, and that style will be decided by nobody else in the world except me”

– Shuayb Ismail, Entrepreneur and founder.

Our Optometrist

Shuayb Ismail

B.Optometry (UKZN)

In this field from 2008, Shuayb Ismail is an award winning Honours Degree graduate from the UKZN school of Optometry.

“Eyesight to me is the most important of all our senses, and your best eyesight is vital for you to function at your highest level, and that best eyesight is what my promise to you is!”

“Welcome to Crystal Clear Vision, where your eye-care comes first. For now and always!”

– Shuayb Ismail, Entrepreneur and founder.